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Friday, November 22, 2013

St. Cecilia the patroness of music

St. Cecilia is the patroness of musicians. Her feast is celebtrated on November 22, and that's why today we attended a concert at our school. The musician José Manuel Baena explained why St. Cecilia is considered the patron saint of music. However, if you search the web you will see different versions such as the following:

1. Cecilia's musical fame rests on a passing notice in her legend that she sang praises to God as she lay dying a martyr's death.

2. When Cecilia was married they played pagan Roman music but Cecilia said she was singing hymns of praise to God in her heart.


a) Can you share what the teacher of music told us? Please, leave a comment.

On the other hand, we were lucky to enjoy the music played by the four artists that performed: Isabel, Pablo, Diana and José Manuel. There were also a group of students who interpreted Carmina Burana with their flutes.


b) Find out which pieces of music they interpreted and which musical instrument they played. Please, leave a comment.


C) Did you enjoy the concert? What did you feel? Is silence important for you? Please, leave a comment.

Here you have some pictures.


  1. c) I loved the concert, I felt nervous, for me it is very important after all the track.

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    1. A-The teacher of music told us that the people think in a mistake of writing that St. Cecilia died for organs of torture.
      B-Isabel played the guitar with The Minuet of Henry Pursel and the Study Nº3 of Mateo Carcassi. Pablo played the piano with The Vals Chopin Nº2 Op.69 and the Symphony 15 of Bach and Diana played the piano too with the Turkish march of Mozart.
      C- I like the concert. I felt joy and for me, the silence is very important after play a song with any instrument.

  3. By: José Manuel Lizana Luque.
    a.Mr. José Manuel told us that St. Cecilia died because she was tortured, but who wrote her biography had a minstake and wrote that St. Cecilia died playing the organ of a church. She wasn't playing the organ, but when she died she was singing. For this we consider St. Cecilia the patroness of the music.
    c. I liked the concert but we had a difficult exam so I prefered to study in that moment. I felt nervous for the exam but the music eased me. For me the silence is important because we became crazy if there isn't silence.
    P.D. I don't have the code of the class of Edmodo so, Can I do the exercise in the notebook?